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T. Ashley McGrew
05-16-2013, 07:47 PM


Hands-on Department Head position responsible for supervision of all preparators and mount makers to ensure the safe handling and installation of works of art in the permanent collection, on loan to the Museum, or received for temporary exhibitions (packing, unpacking, mounting, and installation). Participates with conservation, registration and curatorial in the overall care of the collection.

REPORTS TO: Assistant Director for Exhibitions and Collections

SUPERVISES: Senior Preparator, Lead Preparator, Mount Maker and Preparators

QUALIFICATIONS: 5 yearsí experience in full-time professional art handling, preferably in a museum setting with prior supervisory experience and proven management skills; education equivalent to Bachelorís degree in Art History or Fine Arts along with:
∑ An extensive understanding of current museum professional standards and best practices for handling and packing works of art
∑ Broad knowledge of the equipment and the technical skills used in art installations as well as current museum packing and crating methodologies
∑ Accurate and detailed ability to prioritize projects, strong organizational and management skills
∑ Ability to lead, teach, and explain correct methods and procedures related to the handling of works of art and equipment needed to move, pack, and secure said works
∑ Ability to lift, push and pull, heavy, fragile, odd-shaped objects carefully
∑ Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite and computerized database systems, preferably TMS (The Museum System)


∑ Develop procedures and guidelines for the safe handling and installation of works of art.

∑ Assigns, schedules and supervises preparators and mount makers in the implementation of exhibition installations, permanent collection rotations, packing and unpacking of loans, and special projects. Collaborates with registrars, curators, visiting artists, and museum staff on assigned projects.

∑ Takes responsibility for the movement, handling, and mounting of objects during all gallery and exhibition installation projects, collection photography, acquisition meetings, examination by conservators or scholars, and other events as requested.

∑ Hires, trains, supervises, and manages performance of all staff within the department.

∑ Responsible for the department budget including general oversight, ordering all supplies and equipment for installation, mount-making, packing and storage activities; maintain an accurate inventory of all supplies and equipment.

∑ Works with registration and conservation to ensure that all gallery spaces are well maintained and presentable to the public, as well as storage spaces and the Art Dock.

∑ Document specific handling/installation, mounting, and packing requirements for works of art from the Museumís collection and assist with collection inventory.

∑ Responsible for establishing the Museumís packing guidelines and for overseeing the packing of all works of art in consultation with conservation and registration.

∑ Review proposed installation plans and organize details to insure that the Preparators and the Mount Maker(s) are properly prepared and objects are installed without difficulties.

∑ Provide accurate reporting of all changes in object locations and status to Registration.

∑ Responsible for maintaining secure and well organized object storage areas in consultation with conservation, registration and curatorial.

∑ Design storage facilities for the housing of objects in the Collection based upon the most current standards and methods.

∑ Arrange for installations of objects at local patrons or other institutions, insuring that the crew is properly prepared and equipped.

∑ May be required to travel as courier for loans, exhibitions, or to travel for special packing/unpacking, installation/de-installation of art.

MINIMUM OF RANGE: $62,694/year


Go to www.slam.org/careers (http://www.slam.org/careers) for more detail on qualifications and duties and to apply for the position.