• Tyvek® Soft Structure

    Updated 6/17/10 PAB: MMSS 01-18-10 v0

    Alternate names
    Tyvek® Softwrap™


    Spunbonded high density polyethylene (HDPE/olefin) fibers manufactured by DuPont to form a non woven fabric. "Type 14" styles are thinner and more pliable than "Type 10" styles ("crate liner"), but are also lightweight, chemically stable, non-abrasive, tear resistant and water resistant while remaining vapor permeable – it “breathes”. "Type 16" styles have perforations for extra breathe-ability, but are less of a barrier. All are non-dusting, resist mold/mildew, pH neutral.

    Rolls 30” and 60” wide and 10 to 100 yds long. Typical thicknesses 1422A (? Mils), 1443R (6.6 mils) and 14 M (7.6 mils)


    Often used to cover foam pads or line cavities in contour cut foam, or as a primary wrapping material. It is also used as a light-blocking dust cover and can be sewn or heat-welded to create form-fitting covers. Also used to make filled bags or snakes to conform to and stabilize objects while being moved.

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