• About PACCIN

    PACCIN (Preparation, Art handling, and Collections Care Information Network) is dedicated to building a network of individuals interested in sharing the practical information and essential resources that help hands-on collections care professionals to better protect and preserve the cultural property in their care.
    PACCIN provides a venue to access and participate in, the critical dialogue of professionals who are interested in elevating standards of art and artifact handling and housing.

    Some areas of focus in these standards include packing, crating, shipping, installation, mountmaking, rigging, exhibition fabrication, storage methodology, educational and employment opportunities as well ongoing industry updates of current technical and material usage.

    Our constituency is comprised of museum, archive and gallery professionals throughout the world from both the institutional as well as the commercial sector of the work. These colleagues include preparators, packers, mountmakers, conservators, registrars, exhibition designers and technicians of all sorts as well the commercial staff with duties mirror those performed by individuals in institutional settings. Any interested individual, group or company, is welcome to join PACCIN and by doing so, helps us to support and fulfill our mission.

    PACCIN has conducted numerous conference sessions and workshops which have been held at the national and regional AAM meetings as well as individual programs created for a specific regional area or institution. Topical subjects have focused on issues related to packing and crating, shipping standards, airport security, fine art insurance, art-handling “best practices”, large object rigging, installation hardware and techniques and proper material usage.

    PACCIN has developed three publications on packing and crating methods and materials -- "Soft Packing, Methods and Methodology for the Packing and Transport of Art and Artifacts", "The Crate Itself, Proven Design Techniques and Alternative Ideas" and "Technical Drawing Handbook of Packing and Crating methods." Other publications are currently being produced focusing on materials and a prospective video with the purpose for training of best practices in handing art and artifacts.

    Originally a task force of the Registrar's Committee of the American Association of Museums (RC-AAM), PACCIN applied for and was granted the status of Professional Interest Committee by the American Association of Museums (AAM) in 1997 - a status it maintained until becoming independent in August of 2014.

    Initially PACIN was directed by a Steering Committee comprised of museum and commercial professionals from each region of the United States. In 2008 the group restructured to build a more effective and broader based organizational structure comprised an Advisory Panel made of various professionals across the industry including preparators, conservators, and registrars with both institutional and commercial representation.

    In 2015 PACCIN incorporated to become its own 501-C-3 in order to better fulfill the mission as defined by the international community that comprise its constituents. Board members can be found in the "Who we are" section of this website.

    PACCIN is a non-profit, all volunteer group and your membership fees and donations are important in helping to sponsor our seminars, workshops, webinars, publications, videos and other future programing. We are here to give you a voice, strengthen your knowledge and provide the opportunity to obtain and share information with others of similar interests across the country and around the world. To become an active volunteer contact the PACCIN Chair or any of the present board or committee members listed. We look forward to your ideas and involvement.

    To contact individual PACCIN Board members please utilize information provided on the "Who We Are" page.
    The address for the organization is:
    3924 Market Street
    Oakland, CA 94608