• Winterthur Object Handling Videos

    These videos come from a respected museum associated with one of 8 conservation training programs recognized by AIC in the United States. There is a great deal of useful information to be had here.
    As you view published handling guidelines from different institutions you will see many things that they may have in common with other sets of guidelines from other sources.
    The key to understanding object handling is not to focus on the guidelines themselves but the underlying principles behind those guidelines.
    In the real world of object handling, you will be required to exercise professional judgment in the actions you take and the choices you make.
    Guidelines may vary from institution to institution, as well as from one material type to another material type, and realistically from one set of circumstances to another. Any given set of rules you may memorize will not act as an effective substitute for taking personal responsibility for the consequences of your actions. As a general rule try to ask questions whenever possible and err on the side of caution otherwise. Ashley