• Batting

    Updated 7/5/10 PAB: MMSS 6-19-10 v0

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    An extremely soft non-woven padding material; non-museum use is for quilted blankets, clothing and quilts. Normally made from cotton or polyester. Cotton as an organic is hygroscopic and can therefore provide some rH buffering, but is more attractive to insects. Polyester is more durable and has more of a cushioning "memory" where cotton will tend to flatten out over time.

    Roll lengths vary - widths typically 40” or 45” up to 90”. Thickness (referred to as "loft") ranges from .007” to 1”. Can easily be stacked to achieve more substantial thicknesses.


    The most common type used for packing and many storage applications is polyester. Often used as additional cushioning in foam cavities, as loose fill inside Fomecor® or corrugated plastic boxes, or incorporated into padded textile hangers or stockinette tubes. Batting fibers can easily snag on small object parts - tyvek or other barriers serve to prevent this. Versions that allow you to separate layers allow for greater flexibility in use. Polyfil is a non-layered form of polyester batting that can help conform to more extreme surfaces. If used in storage applications be sure that it has been tested for long term stability.

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