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  1. Questions about fire safety measures in temporary spaces

    Hello all. I am re-posting here an email from our Chief Registrar, asking for some ideas on the subject of fire safety precautions in temporary gallery spaces. Please respond to me here or directly...
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    Mini Media Players for Quicktime files

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for finding a mini media player that can support and play quicktime files output to a TV or monitor. The preferred method for this installation would be...
  3. Ashley, thanks for the information. We are also...

    Ashley, thanks for the information. We are also now looking at creating Dartek bags for some pieces. Can you give any advice on heat sealing Dartek with a tack iron or other tool that is cheaper and...
  4. Best Material for covering sculptures in storage

    We are in the process of re-examining our sculpture storage practices and I was wondering if anyone could recommend the best material or materials/methods for creating covers for sculptures. Many of...
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