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Thread: Hello... and when is the next PACCIN Conference?

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    Hello... and when is the next PACCIN Conference?

    Hello everyone! My name is Justin, and I am an Exhibitions Preparator for the Ohio State University Libraries. My former museum colleagues pointed me in the direction of this site - it has proven to be an excellent resource!

    I am wondering when and where the next PACCIN Conference will be? I would love the opportunity to meet collections professionals from other parts of the country.

    Keep doing good work.

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    Hi Justin, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. PACCIN is going through an exciting restructuring right now and working out the details is gumming up the works. I will get a response for you shortly. I am glad your colleagues put you in touch! I hope to meet you in person at the next conference.
    T. Ashley McGrew
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