Hello all—

This is my first post here on PACCIN though I've been using this forum as a resource for quite some time now. Hope this is the right place for this post—

Just wondering if anyone has experience working closely with magnets and works on paper. I'm searching for a general consensus about what should be taken into consideration when securing flat work to a surface using magnets—for example, to assist in keeping work relatively flat for accurate focus during digitization.

I know that, at times, when installing textiles, for example, that are to be exhibited without frames magnets can be used in combination with a variety of buffers between a magnetic(steel) surface, the textile, and the magnet. I presume a method such as this could be translated into digitization practices? My next concern would be that any even-close-to friable media would be in danger of damage if the magnets are too strong. Rare earth / neodymium magnets are what I've used while installing work for exhibitions in the past. Has anyone had luck with other types? Rubber coating might be helpful for digitization purposes (i.e. create a buffer and deter specular highlights/reflections), though I would be concerned about rubber residue scuffing / migrating onto the work.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments, or concerns to share regarding magnets and material handling I would appreciate it. Or, if anyone implements this type of practice in their collection digitization workflow I'd love to hear about alternative methods.