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  1. Single software package for inventory, billing, barcode/rfid?
  2. Concise description of EU standards for fine art shipping crates (from ListServe)
  3. Moving crates/Diagonal Solutions follow up
  4. TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program - this is kind of a non-thread.
  5. Air Freighting Magnets?
  6. Climate control storage for Traveling Exhibition Crates
  7. Other modes of transportation?
  8. Shipping ceramics to Japan
  9. Courier Emergency Policies
  10. Shipping a oversized crate to Venice, Italy
  11. Air Ride?
  12. Estimated shipping costs for a large body of work
  13. Insurance from/to Japan for quilt show?
  14. International Shippers
  15. Customs brokers and international shipping
  16. Storage materials
  17. What do you observe while selecting a Logistic agent?
  18. Crate Load/Sq Footage Storage Calculator
  19. Exhibit case / ship model case moving equipment