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T. Ashley McGrew
06-17-2010, 10:02 AM
Robert Fuglestad was a speaker at PACIN's first Preparators Conference in August of 2009. In addition to speaking there he provided the following handout.

Thanks Robert!




4x8 foot sheets or smaller pieces by the square foot

For fabricating mounts and bases
Cast - softening point 196F-239F - for cutting and routing
Extruded - softening point 210F-220F - gums more easily when cut
Purchase locally due to sizes
Acrylic cement - Weld On
www.eplastics.com (http://www.eplastics.com/)

Acrylic-like - VIVAK - sheet polyester, clear - LOW melting point
Can be easily bent for use in mounts
www.eplastics.com (http://www.eplastics.com/)
www.lairdplastics.com (http://www.lairdplastics.com/)

BATTING: 100% polyester: 1/2,1, and 2 inch thicknesses - for mannequins
www.wholesalequilting.com (http://www.wholesalequilting.com/)
www.gaylord.com (http://www.gaylord.com/)

BRASS: Half-hard - for mounts
www.admiralmetals.com (http://www.admiralmetals.com/) -- 12 foot lengths- will cut in half
www.mcmaster.com (http://www.mcmaster.com/)
www.ksmetals.com (http://www.ksmetals.com/)
www.rotaxmetals.net (http://www.rotaxmetals.net/)


a cross-linked polyethylene foam
can be purchased from packing supply companies in various densities and thicknesses
pieces “welded” together with a heat-gun or glued together with a glue gun
use as filler and in mannequin fabrication


Two, four, or eight-ply acid-free paper product.
Many different uses in mounts
Can give structural integrity to soft objects, can be used in making book cradles, etc.
Check “Legion Paper”


Used in case construction - check with your conservator

MAGNETS: Rare-earth magnets

multiple sizes and shapes
www.wondermagnet.com (http://www.wondermagnet.com/)


Double-sided tape: 3M Gold 800 series - 889 Preservation Tape


Used less and less in exhibitions due to out-gassing of material itself and due to additives used in fabrication [plywoods and particleboards]
Poplar is the solid wood generally used in case fabrication
If wood is used in an exhibition it MUST be sealed.


Metal/wood primers - Rust-oleum - very slow drying
Krylon - quick drying

Acrylic paints

for matching mount color to color of object –
can be found in any good art supply store

Golden Acrylics
Liquitex Acrylics

Krylon Clear Coat - Basically B-72
o Let out-gas overnight
o Two coat minimum when also used as padding between object and pigmented acrylic paint.
o OK as padding for small, light-weight objects.

o Can be found in art supply stores, hardware stores and Walmart


a plastic white powder that clings to a warmed mount, and when reheated on the mount forms a clear barrier over the surface of the mount
very tough and yet flexible

www.plascoat.com (http://www.plascoat.com/)

Heatshrink tubing - Polyolefin 2:1

a translucent tubing that fits over the mount. When heat is applied, the tubing shrinks to conform to the mount’s shape.
Comes in many diameters-1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8” etc. and wall thicknesses

www.buyheatshrink.com (http://www.buyheatshrink.com/)

Polyolefin 2:1

a translucent tubing that fits over the mount
When heat is applied, the tubing shrinks to conform to the mount’s shape
Comes in many diameters -1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8” etc. and wall thicknesses


Tested fabrics can be backed with a 3M double sided tape to make them adhere to a mount.
Makes a very soft and durable padding between the painted mount and the object.
Otherwise - -Polysuede - an adhesive backed sueded polyethylene - can be ordered in various colors and thicknesses. Approximately 1 ft.square sheets.

www.benchmarkcatalog.com (http://www.benchmarkcatalog.com/)


Various colors and thicknesses. Individual sheets are approximately 1 ft. square

www.benchmarkcatalog.com (http://www.benchmarkcatalog.com/)

Marvelseal 360:

Use as a barrier; on wood, MDF, plywood, etc.
Prevents out-gassing. Difficult to adhere.
Use double- sided tape

www.gaylord.com (http://www.gaylord.com/)


Polyester film -Use as a barrier or padding on mounts-needs to be applied with double-sided tape

www.mcmaster.com (http://www.mcmaster.com/)

T. Ashley McGrew
06-17-2010, 10:03 AM
This is part two of Roberts handout.


Type “B” or 40lb. tank of acetylene with regulator and tips or
Oxygen/acetylene tanks with jewelers regulator and tips or
MAPP gas with appropriate tip

Silver Solder- brass to brass, brass to steel, and steel to steel

Available at any large welders supply or-

www.HarrisGroup.com (http://www.harrisgroup.com/) SAFETY-SILV 45 - 1225F -melting point

SAFETY-SILV 45T-1195F -melting point

SAFETY-SILV 56 -1145F -melting point

comes in 1/16 and 1/32 in. diameters 5 T.O. min.
www.riogrand.com (http://www.riogrand.com/) soft, medium, and hard - purchase by the foot

Lead-free plumbers solder - 450F+/- - min. strength - brass to brass
use when warping might be a problem

Soldering pads - 1 ft. square
www.riogrand.com (http://www.riogrand.com/) - Solderite - hard pad

www.risintl.com (http://www.risintl.com/) - soft pad

Acid bath [pickle] - SPAREX
www.casker.com (http://www.casker.com/)

www.risintl.com (http://www.risintl.com/)

Flux - welders supply or-

www.HarrisProductsGroup.com (http://www.harrisproductsgroup.com/)
Superior No. 601
www.fastenal.com (http://www.fastenal.com/)

Third hands - any large jewelers supply or –
www.store.sra-solder.com (http://www.store.sra-solder.com/)

www.riogrand.com (http://www.riogrand.com/)

Question - Phillyseal [no longer made] was used as a modeling epoxy. There was a debate over what could replace it. Does anyone know the outcome of that discussion?

I would like to thank Kirk Hoffman for his help in the preparation of the above.