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01-22-2017, 01:03 PM
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Original Post Date: 20/9/2016

Hello All-

I am interesting in learning if anyone can afford me advice on adhering
felt or another soft lining material such as moleskin to Ethafoam. The
felt or equivalent material will be approximately 2" x 3" x 1/16" thick.

Many thanks-

Evan Brownstein


Hey Evan,

Volara can be welded to ethafoam with a heat gun so you can avoid using adhesives that might get messy or destructive.

If you use the thinner volara, it can conform to a fairly tight radius.

Nathan Kitch


Often cutting a slot around the cavity and tucking Tyvek, or thin Volara into it with a bone folder is a nice way to adhere without adhesives. See Steven Sciscentiís excellent Powerpoint on YouTube about storage mounts. I think it covers this technique.

Steve Brisco
Chief Preparator


Here is a photo of the technique that Steve is referring to. It is a mount for a bishop chasuble. We cut the ethafoam and then tucked the fabric into the slot.

Philip Brutz
Mount Maker
Exhibition Production