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12-14-2010, 01:41 PM

The J. Paul Getty Museum is seeking an Preparator t for their Getty Villa location. Working at the Getty Villa in Malibu, installs and maintains all permanent galleries, special exhibit and temporary exhibition spaces, and art storage areas. Contributes to a safe environment by using appropriate materials, equipment, and methods to display, store and pack works of art. Assists with planning and supervising or directing the fabrication, installation, disassembly and storage of collections and exhibits. Works with exhibition design, conservation, exhibition, registration, and curatorial staff to fabricate and install exhibitions and supporting materials. Packs and crates art objects and coordinates with registrar for the receipt, delivery, and installation of works of art to and from the airport and other locations. Depending on specific assignment, requires highly developed knowledge and skills in one or more of the following: woodworking, cabinetry, metalworking, plastics, painting and decorative finishes, general construction, art object handling and installation, and art object packing and crating. May install, maintain and operate gallery lighting, including computer-controlled skylight and shade systems. May develop gallery and showcase lighting arrangements and work with facilities staff, using elemental computer programming knowledge, to troubleshoot, maintain, and develop improvements in the lighting systems. Required to operate a variety of trucks, vans, and forklifts.

Applies knowledge of preparation to assignments of moderate complexity * Maintains permanent and temporary exhibition spaces * Prepares and installs all exhibitions * May assist in the packing and crating of art objects * Pick up and deliver, move and install works of art * May assist in the fabrication of exhibit furniture and other display products * May assist in maintaining, installing and developing gallery lighting * Ensures all collection spaces and Preparation projects and products conform to Getty standards

High School/GED * Minimum 2-3 years related experience * License to operate a variety of trucks, vans, and forklifts

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit our career center at https://jobs-getty.icims.com/jobs/1573/job (https://jobs-getty.icims.com/jobs/1573/job)

Please upload your resume and cover letter as one file format (either in word doc. or PDF).

No calls, please.

The J. Paul Getty Trust is an equal opportunity employer.

03-28-2011, 04:05 AM
High school/GED is compulsory? As someone have 4 years experience but do not have High school/GED can he apply?

T. Ashley McGrew
04-01-2011, 07:42 AM
I don't think anyone can prevent someone from applying for a position. There are a number of issues that effect applying for jobs in major institutions. In most prep departments I am aware of the quality experience hopefully resulting in well developed skills and good judgement far outweigh any kind of academic qualifications. For that experience to pay off though your resume has to get to the supervisor. Often in big institutions (even more so in government) there may be someone who is screening all incoming applications, so even if you walk on water you may not get your application seen by your potential supervisor. While working for the Smithsonian I had 2 year term staff apply for rehire for another 2 years and their applications never made it to me!
These are people who were already doing the exact job in question and had outstanding performance evaluations written by their supervisor - me!
As a TIP - if you are applying for government/large scale institutional work here is a golden rule - repeat the exact terminology that is stated in the job description/ required duties. The people (or machines?) who review applications have no idea of what we do, so it is entirely possible - likely even - to site experience that far exceeds the requirements of the job and they will not recognize that fact.

Back to your question though. Though I am in no way authorized to say anything about the Getty, I still think it is safe to say that you will need basic math and communication skills to function in any major prep department. I think that is the valid reason for the GED requirement. For that reason alone I think it would make a real effort to get that handled if at all possible.
That said, even if position announcements say that they require college degrees many of them take into consideration "equivalent experience". Especially in our field what it can really come down to is Where and with WHO you gained your experience from. Also I will hire an less experienced person with a good attitude over someone who comes with questionable experience because I don't have to deal with overconfidence and the need to untrain them in order to train them. If you want to get hired at a decent level anywhere I would stress that you need to work for someone reputable. It is a pretty small world that we work in after all.
Good luck