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Jamie Hascall
07-20-2012, 11:48 AM
The job of Preparator at the New Mexico Museum of Art is being re-listed with a closing date of 8/09/12. This is a State of NM position. As such you'll have to forgive the description of the job on the States web site as it highly generalized with specifics that don't necessarily fit. The job consists of the full range of museum exhibit duties of art handling, installation, lighting, painting, etc. The Prep works with curators, registrar, security, etc.; but works alone much of the time, thus needing good time management and self motivation skills. Installation of large exhibits are done with contract help, or with the crew from Exhibits Central, the main exhibits crew that serves all four of the museums in Santa Fe. This is a union position (CWA) and has an excellent benefits package. The description below was taken from the Museum of Art's posting on the University of Leicester's Jobs Desk. http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/museumstudies/JobsDesk

A word of warning on the application process, the State Personnel Office is taking a very strong stand on needing transcripts and other evidence of education and training at the time of application. Without such documentation, the application will not be considered. Likewise, claimed work experience must be verifiable and will probably be cross checked. Problems of this nature reduced the applicant pool of the previous posting and led to the position not being filled.

To Apply go to http://agency.governmentjobs.com/newmexico/default.cfm?&promotionaljobs=0&transfer=0
Click on Department of Cultural Affairs selection or search for job title and number below.

Good Luck,
Jamie Hascall
Chief Preparator
DCA Exhibits Central

Metal & Plastic Worker-Operational (DCA #4523)
Working Title: Museum
Closing Date/Time: Thursday 08/09/12 11:59 PM Mountain Time

Salary: $10.87 - $19.34 hourly (we expect starting salary to be $15.00
hourly plus a generous benefits package)
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Santa Fe (City), New Mexico
Department: New Mexico
Museum of Art (Department of Cultural Affairs)

Purpose of

Position is responsible for installation of exhibits and exhibit
components, including installation and maintenance of lighting and of audio
visual interpretive systems.

Position provides support with installation
of fragile and/or valuable works of art. Prepares artwork for exhibition through
matting and framing of works on paper and photographs.

Position also
provides support with the movement of works of art to and from the museum, as
well as within in the museum.

Undertakes basic repairs and some
maintenance within the museum.

Agency Contact Information:
Mary Jebsen, (505) 476-5064