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  1. Getting Started with the New PACIN Site

    OK, now you're here and registered (if you haven't registered yet, take a moment and click the "Register" tab at the upper right and follow the instructions).

    • Check out the articles
      • Click the "Home" tab below the PACIN logo at the top of the page
      • Scan the "Sections" list to browse articles by genre or pick an article subject in the "Categories" list
      • Article previews are also on the "Front Page" when you click the "Home"
    PACIN Website News
  2. The New PACIN Website

    The new PACIN website has successfully launched (if you are reading this on the website, then we have definitely been successful!) We have endeavored to keep the overall look of the site familiar, but there are many new features to explore. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find:


    New articles will appear in the central area of the home page and will typically be listed with newer articles first. Multiple articles appear on the home page as snippets; click on the article