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    Our mission is to gather relevant technical information for our members. The PACCIN website does not collect information about you. We do not sell, redistribute or share your email information with anyone. Joining the PACCIN ListServ will allow you the opportunity to submit questions or comments directly to all other PACCIN members. You must be a member of the list in order to send or receive messages or to access the ListServ archive. Only other members of the ListServ can search the archives. All discussions on the ListServ will be archived and made available to the membership. Some conversations of particular interest may be edited and used for informational purposes on the PACCIN website. By joining the PACCIN ListServ you are agreeing to give PACCIN permission to use your conversations for the benefit of all our members. For problems and questions related to the PACCIN website, please send and email to the Site Administrator at paul@paccin.org. Thanks for your participation.

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    Please do not post promotions in this group discussion format. Promotions include advertisements of products and services, commercial events, webinars, plugs for blog posts that do not spark conversation, and so forth. If your posts are flagged for inappropriate use by a website administrator you will receive a private warning. If another post is flagged after a warning your ListServ account will be placed on a temporary moderated status that requires administrator approval to post messages.

    Exception # 1: Information-Based Events

    • Due to their informational focus, paid educational courses and product demo events may be announced on the List once per course or event by the organizer, and the subject may be discussed further by other members if they are disassociated parties.
    • Friends, coworkers and close business associates of the promoter do not qualify as disassociated parties.
    • If you have a question about whether your intended post falls within this exception, please contact the PACCIN Publications Committee, chris@paccin.org.
    • As the promoter you may not effectively re-post the original announcement by responding to questions received on or off the List.
    • As an alternative, you are advised to include contact information in the announcement for addressing questions individually off the List, and instruct readers to send questions directly to the contact provided. You may also direct members to the designated promotional space in the PACCIN website forum, where questions may be answered publicly in a thread started by the promoter or anyone else.

    Exception #2: Commercial Members

    • Commercial members may respond to discussions on the List about their products, services and events for the purpose of correcting misinformation.
    • You may also provide answers that respond directly to unprompted member questions. This includes listing your company or a service it provides in answer to such questions as, ‘where can I purchase ___?’ or ‘‘who does ____ in my region?’