• Best materials reference resource currently online

    It is with great excitement and no small amount of embarrassment that I introduce (some of) you to this truly impressive resource.

    I have always thought that as a collections care professional it is part of the job to try and stay abreast of the fundamental resources that are available to us.
    Well I have to admit that I have been falling down on the job when it comes to this particular resource.

    Preserv’Art is real accomplishment and yet another debt we owe to our awesome colleagues to the North.
    In their own words here is the description....

    Preserv’Art was developed by the Centre de conservation du Québec (CCQ). It is an interactive database on products and equipment used in preventive conservation for the protection of works of art, artifacts and archival documents during an exhibition, transit or storage.

    ....and here is the link (if you are like me you probably want to click on the english version):