• PAG Resources NEMA workshop

    Back to Basics and Beyond: Art Handling Workshop

    NEMA Registrars PAG in partnership with PACIN 22 June 2010

    Documentation Segment Presented by Darlene Bialowski

    Suggested Resources Handout


    The Care of Antiques and Historical Collections by Guldbeck and Macleish
    Pollutants in the Museum Environment by Pamela B. Hatchfield
    Following through AAM Bookstore www.aam-us.org

    Museum Registration Methods 5th Edition Edited by Rebecca Buck & Jean A. Gilmore
    ISBN:978-1-933253-15-2, 516 pages, published 2010 AAM Member price $59.00

    The first new edition in a decade of this famous "Bible of the museum registrar." Rewritten, expanded and fully updated, MRM5 encompasses all that needs to be known and done when a museum accessions, measures, marks, moves, displays or stores an object or artifact of any kind. MRM5 includes expert advice from more than 60 acknowledged leaders in their disciplines. New with the 5th Edition are special teaching sections that challenge students and seasoned staff alike with questions about the process and procedures of accessioning and caring for objects. Contains bibliography, glossary and multiple sample forms. MRM5 continues a tradition of museum publishing that began with the inaugural edition in 1958. Published in cooperation with RC-AAM, the Registrars Committee of AAM.

    Conservation Resources for Art and Antiques

    ISBN:978-0-9706385-0-2 Spiral bound, 2001, 221 pages, AAM Member price $21.00

    Following from the American Association of State and Local History www.aaslh.org

    Emergency Preparedness for Museums, Historic Sites and Archives: An Annotated Bibliography Leaflet TL 114
    Disaster Planning for Cultural Institutions TL 183
    Collections Care: What to do when you can’t afford anything TL 198

    Websites Disaster/Emergency Related:

    *Heritage Preservation

    www.heritagepreservation.org/PUBS/FGShoppingList.pdf (supply list)

    *Northeast Document Conservation Center 978/470-1010 day or night, seven days a week

    The Northeast Document Conservation Center offers free telephone assistance to institutions and individuals with damaged paper-based collections. The telephone line is staffed 24 hours a day by conservation specialists who can offer technical assistance and referrals to commercial disaster recovery service providers.
    A great worksheet for helping you collect valuable information needed to write your plan

    *American Institute for Conservation
    To find a conservator, how to select a conservator, frequently asked question, Disaster Response and Recovery.
    Also very interesting section on Caring for Your Treasures – breaks treasures down into 11 categories such as architecture, paintings, textiles, furniture and books. Each category is covered by discussion of environment, inspection and maintenance, storage, handling & use, emergencies and minor disasters and when to consultant a conservator.
    *National Park Service

    U.S. Department of the Interior- NPS Museum Handbook, “a reference guide on how to manage, preserve, document, access and use museum collections.” Also offers a pdf on wet collection recovery, After the Flood: Emergency stabilization and conservation measures as a pdf; and their well-known Conserve O Grams outling emergency measures for salvage of various materials.
    *Actual on line Emergency Plans

    Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University
    www.wfu.edu/moa/pdf/Emergency ManagementPlan.pdf
    online Emergency Management Plan-more for a museum but deals with collections so could be used as a template for a historic house as well, or other type collection.

    Minnesota Historical Society’s Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Plan
    A well detailed, great example of a emergency plan

    Complied by Darlene Bialowski, Principal, Darlene Bialowski Art Services, LLC June 2010