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    Frankenstein mends

    Ethnographic and Archeological collections, like some media/forms of contemporary art can be particularly appealing to a professional packer/handler because the materials characteristically tend to be so danged fragile.
    After all there are only so many traditional flatworks you can pack or install without starting to wish for a change of pace it seems to me.
    For some insight in the material we all love to be made-nervous-by I wanted to share a great online article put together by some of the uncommonly collegial conservators that are associated with the UCLA/Getty Graduate Conservation Program.
    As part of a project done for the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum located in Palm Springs, CA, members of the class of 2011 illustrate here beautifully some of the methods that help preserve and prepare objects for exhibition and storage.

    Many thanks to Ellen Pearlstein - Program faculty, class members (in exhibition order) - Dawn Lohnas, Lily Doan, Tessa de Alarcon, Nicole Ledoux, Robin O’Hern, Cindy Lee Scott, and all of the other good people involved in the program (including my hero Vanessa) for providing this rare inside perspective on the work that they do.
    For many other interesting examples of what the UCLA/Getty program is up to check them out on facebook HERE.

    To find out what the strange looking things in the picture are used for click HERE.