• Polyethylene Foams

    Polyethylene is a durable, chemically stable, closed-cell foam with a wide variety of shock-absorption, vibration-dampening, and insulation properties depending on the product spec. PE foams cut, carve and bond easily, with only the heaviest densities requiring power saws to cut. They will not off-gas, and are widely considered viable interior materials for long-term storage containers. PE foams are recyclable.

    Crosslinked PE foam a high-density polyethylene with cross-linked bonds in the polymer structure, changing the thermoplastic into an elastomer. Crosslinked PE foams share the qualities listed above, but have ultra-fine cells for soft, skin-like surfaces
    suitable for direct contact with most stable object surfaces. Unlike non-crosslinked PE foams, they are not recyclable.

    See the brands below for product lines and specifications.

    Polyethylene Foams (Non-Crosslinked)

    Ethafoam™ Polyethylene Foam
    PolyPlank® Polyethylene Foam

    Rolled Sheeting:

    Crosslinked Polyolefin-Based Polyethylene Foams

    ® Crosslinked Polyolefin Foam
    Volara® Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam (Laminated)

    Rolled Sheeting:
    Volara® Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam