• Scissors

    Compiled by Ashley McGrew
    Originally posted 12/14/08

    8” Dahle Supershear 50008

    I first bought a pair of these scissors while killing time in-between site visits near the old Talas location on Broadway right below Houston St. It seemed like a major outlay at the time (over $20) but I’ve got to say the very helpful staff there steered me well. I’ve used this particular tool under harsh conditions and yet it kept cutting like new. If you have ever tried to cut irregular shapes in Nomex with even slightly imperfect scissors you are familiar with the varmint chewed aesthetic that can result. After a whole lot of hard use these things seem to stay magically sharp. They glide where others snag. I’ve used them at two commercial art services companies and two museums (including constant use during a major move project). They ended up being the favorite scissors at each place.

    Thread nippers

    These small spring-loaded scissors offer precision cutting in tight spaces making them a favorite of mount makers all over.

    Plastic nippers

    With this light-weight inexpensive version you can change out blades as needed.

    Fiskars “soft touch” shears

    These Fiskars “soft touch” shears have a soft handle but more importantly they are spring-loaded so you don’t have to wear out your thumb opening them up. The ergonomic angle of the top part of the handle also encourages the use of the palm of the hand when cutting which is less tiring. This pair comes from the crate shop where Rita swears by them for heavy duty use.

    Talas and Adorama (for Dahle shears)

    Haslam Corporation (for solid blade nippers)

    Marathon (for replaceable blade nippers)