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Getting Started with the New PACIN Site

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OK, now you're here and registered (if you haven't registered yet, take a moment and click the "Register" tab at the upper right and follow the instructions).

  • Check out the articles
    • Click the "Home" tab below the PACIN logo at the top of the page
    • Scan the "Sections" list to browse articles by genre or pick an article subject in the "Categories" list
    • Article previews are also on the "Front Page" when you click the "Home" tab; these are usually the most recent articles, or ones that we put up front for importance
    • If you like, after reading an article, add a comment at the end of the article to contribute information or opinions
    • Scan the "widgets" to the right of the article content to see recent comments and forum posts

  • Dive into the Forum
    • Click the "Forum" tab below the PACIN logo at the top of the page
    • Find a forum topic of your interest; click the topic title to view a list of discussion "threads"
    • Click on a thread of interest and read "posts" from other users
    • Reply to a post and add your 2 cents to the conversation
    • Click the "What's New" tab to get an updated list of the most recent discussions
    • Click on "Settings" at the upper right of the page to customize your personal settings, such as privacy issues like hiding your email address, and even upload and add an "avatar" image that will accompany your Forum posts and replies, as well as article and blog comments
    • Click on the "FAQ" link below the purple tabs at the top of the page for extensive information on utilizing the forums

  • Other features
    • Well, this blog for one. There will be regular site tutorials posted to help you make the most of the website. Click on the "Blogs" tab to browse entries.
    • When in the Forum area, click the "Calendar" link below the tab bar to browse upcoming events

You can comment to this blog with questions, or visit the Suggestions and Site Support topic in the Forum and post a new thread. Hope you enjoy the site, and we appreciate your interest in PACIN!
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