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    Published on 05-21-2010 09:05 AM
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    T. Ashley McGrew Publications Chair - ashley@pacin.org

    Paul Brewin PACCIN Publications Committee Website Administrator

    Exhibition Manager
    San Diego Museum of Art
    1450 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
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    Published on 03-09-2010 10:13 AM
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    by T. Ashley McGrew

    Michael Van Hook scanning barcodes on packed boxes

    Completed in June of 2004 and spanning a 5 year period, over 800,000 objects were documented, packed and relocated at the National Museum of American Indian. This collection is now one of the most thoroughly documented collections of its type and size due to the digital imaging component integrated into the move process. It is also one of the more accessible collections due to the addition of a barcoding system that was also integrated into the move project.
    Published on 03-08-2010 02:32 PM
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    Presented at the PACIN Workshop on May 5, 2005 in Indianapolis, Indiana
    by Richard Hinson

    When we need to hire new staff, for most of us in the art handling business, experienced art handlers are hard to find. My experience has taught me that art handlers are created, not found. Like Victor Frankenstein did with his creation, we have to find the most qualified, best candidates for the job and piece by piece create an art handler. Sometimes the best candidate is someone with no former art handling experience.
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