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  1. PACCIN Chat #7, May 28, 2021, Time: 12:00PST/3:00EST


    PACCIN Chat #7: Costume and Textiles Exhibitions: Planning and Installation
    Please join Melinda Kerstein, Costume Installation Specialist, and Rachel Tu, Associate Collections Manager for...
  2. PODCAST: David Saunders on Museum Conservation and Lighting

    From the Getty website:

    "Lighting in museums has long been a contentious subject among museum conservators. A gallery with too much light often causes long-term damage to artwork on display, while...
  3. PACCIN Chat #7, May 28, 2021, 12:00 PST/3 EST

    Join us for the next PACCIN Chat on May 28th. Our topic is: Costume and Textiles Exhibitions: Planning and Installation

    Rachel Tu, Associate Collections Manager - Los Angeles County...
  4. New DEIA position at Philadelphia Museum of Art

    The Philadelphia Museum of Art is recruiting for its first Head of the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access ( The recruiter expects to target a...
  5. AAMG virtual conference on June 7-11, 2021

    The Association of Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG) 2021 conference will explore how academic museums and galleries are fostering wellness and embracing new understandings of equity in the midst...
  6. PACCIN Chat #6 coming up on March 26th!

    PACCIN Chat #6
    Friday, March 26, 2021 at 12-1 PM PST / 3-4 PM EST

    Join us on ZOOM for two presentations on art installations.

    6.1 Edwin Menendez, API Supervisor, Los Angeles County Museum of...
  7. COVID-19 Museum Resources page update

    Just a reminder that our COVID-19 Museum Resource page is a work in progress. We recently added a link for a White Paper from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) on the "Guidance on the use of...
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    PACCIN Chats Flash Alert!

    Join us Today, Tuesday February 2, 2021 from 1-2 PM EST for an #ARCSChat/PACCINChats/Art Pro Net collaboration podcast
    hosted on the #ARCSChat Youtube channel! We'll be discussing collaboration...
  9. Art Services Worker Safety Coalition - Survey

    The Art Services Worker Safety Coalition has created a very brief survey to better understand how safety protocols are being implemented and by whom.

    Statement: This 7 question survey's intent...
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    PACCIN talks at upcoming ARCS Chat

    Tune in on Tuesday, February 2, to catch our PACCIN colleagues Julia Latane, Advisory Committee; and Jerry Smith, Programs Chair, as they join a panel discussion on the next #ARCSChat podcast. The...
  11. PACCIN Membership Chair position open

    The PACCIN Membership Chairperson leads the membership committee (3-5 members) for the organization and is responsible for the recruitment of new members as well as managing the current membership....
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    PACCIN Treasurer position open

    The Treasurer is a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Beyond the general duties and responsibilities as a director on the board, the Treasurer is responsible for providing...
  13. Collection care job in Zurich, Switzerland

    Reposting this from our Linked In group. The Museum Rietberg has a collections care position open.
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    New PACCIN Chat videos on the website!

    If you have not seen them yet, check out the two new videos posted in the PACCIN Chat page.
  15. PACCINChat #5: Friday, December 11, 2020

    Join us on ZOOM for a discussion of caring for cars, machines and industrial objects in museums!

    Renee Crist, Curator of Collections at America’s Car Museum, in Tacoma, Washington, will speak...
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    New "Career Resource" page

    ​Along with our new Freelance listings tab, we now have a career resource page on the main page. This new page contains a large number of links to museums, fine art service companies and other job...
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    New PACCIN Job Listing tabs!

    In light of the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both cultural institutions and the arts industry, we would like to introduce this new tab in our forum which will be a companion to our...
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    Announcing PACCIN Chat #4, revised

    We’ll be hosting PACCIN Chat #4 on Friday, September 25th at 12:00PST/3:00EST. We will be hosting two presentations on ZOOM:

    Andrew Davis has worked in preparations and design at The Clark Art...
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    Update: Our PACCIN Chat #4, scheduled for this...

    Update: Our PACCIN Chat #4, scheduled for this Friday, August 28th is postponed until a later date. We will post the new date as soon as we can. On another note, we will be posting the video of Chat...
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    Announcing PACCIN Chat #4

    We're hosting our fourth installment of PACCIN Chats on Friday, August 28,
    at 3:00 PM EST/2:00 PM CST/1:00 PM MST/12:00 PM PST.

    Isabel Tovar, who works as the NAGPRA (Native American Graves...
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    Announcing PACCIN Chat #3!

    We're hosting our third installment of PACCIN Chats on Friday, August 7, at 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM PST.

    We'll be featuring two presentations:

    Matt Clark and Hawley Appleton of Clark Fine Art...
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    PACCIN Chat Presentation Proposals

    PACCIN is looking for Preparators, Art Handlers and other collections care professionals who are interested in providing a presentation for our new online PACCIN Chats. PowerPoint presentations...
  23. PACCIN Chats - in online program this summer!

    PACCIN has a new online program for short presentations and industry chats, with plenty of Q&A for attendees to participate. PACCIN Chat #1 will be Friday, June 26th at 3 PM EST. Meg Colburt (Boxart)...
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    Art Services Worker Safety Coalition

    The Art Services Worker Safety Coalition is made up of fine art shippers, international shippers and institutions working together to form new guidelines for health and safety in the work place....
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    Art Handler Podcasts

    Larry Forte, Art Installer at the Georgia Museum of Art has done a series of podcasts on artists/art handlers. He recently interviewed Sean Harrison, Board Secretary of PACCIN, and Exhibit Technician...
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