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    The Aging Exhibits Professional.

    Hey all!

    I guess Im just posting a stream of consciousness thought out there and wondering if any of you have experience in this arena.

    Im a middle aged Museum Exhibits Professional and...
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    PACCIN T-Shirts and SWAG

    Any PACCIN T- shirts coffee mugs BUMPER STICKERS!!! etc available out there?

    Id like to get some to represent us fine folks!
  3. HD120 w/ push button

    Not a touch screen, although that would make life a lot eaisier.
    I was given a box of parts. A television, a brightsign device (HD120) a DVD to to load to SD 4g card a pushbutton and a bunch of...
  4. Any advice adding "push button" to BrightSign HD120

    I have a BrightSign HD120 with an SD 4G card that is to play a video when button is pushed on exhibit title panel.
    There is a title page that has a image of the video and displays "PLAY" once you...
  5. Has anybody seen this type of Plastic/PVC glazing for glass panels???????


    Hey all,

    I am being asked to build a display case to replicate the other 90% of display cases in an historical gallery/museum.
    90% of these cases use this type of glazing/glass...
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