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Thread: Designing modular wall system--opinions, suggestions?

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    Thought I'd start sharing a few quick process photos. I'm in the learning curve stage of the game--these images are of a mock-up I'm constructing. As you can see I used crap marterials, but they are the correct dimensions--3/8" ply faces, 3/4" ply guts, with about 50% of the guts cut out by hand. I tried one of those zip tools at first, finally opted for the circ saw/hand saw combo. not super neat, but neat enough once you get the hang of it.

    Our new panel saw.

    pieces parts.

    a panel!

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    Sorry for the rotational problems--already wasted enough time trying to fix it.

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    After mulling this over and talking to my co-worker (who has some woodworking experience too,)I decided to go with select pine as the guts. More expensive but alot lighter than the plywood. Even before that increase in cost, the problem has been finding the funding. My curator wants this badly, as do I, but the money wasn't set aside per se. I guess I assumed it was, but now the curator has to figure out where it's coming from. Another key piece of the plan that needs to be considered beforehand!

    Wish us luck.


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    Hey all, I want to thank you for all your input, but as of now this project is officially on hold. The money just isn't there. Ah the joys of being a young not-for-profit educational organization!


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    Ah well, Rome wasn't built overnight, or something like that. Hope the money comes in!
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    Very late in adding pictures and bad ones at that. Rib shown with oval cut outs, huge leveler feet and Unistrut hardware to hold them together top and bottom. Last two shots show male and female sides of wall edge. We stacked these flat on a cart when not in use.
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