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Thread: PACCIN Conference April 7-8, 2017 at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

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    PACCIN Advisory Committee Member T. Ashley McGrew's Avatar
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    Will pass your name on but as I understand it the list is already really long. Hopefully next time? Also post here if you want to help put together an event in your area. Local events bring professional colleagues that work close to each other together. Many have never met and others just don't have an opportunity in everyday life to interact. PACCIN can support you in making an opportunity like this come together.

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    Super, I was looking for what you described. Thanks for the help !

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    Will any conference be organised in 2022? I'd love to attend on behalf of Artys Transit.

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    Sorry, but we had our conference on May 12-13th of this year. We are posting the videos of those presentations on this website.

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