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Thread: Crate Load/Sq Footage Storage Calculator

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    Crate Load/Sq Footage Storage Calculator

    Hi, all,

    Does anyone have recommendations for a computer program to calculate how much square footage a crated exhibition will take up in storage, or to determine a truck crate load plan? I see there are multiple programs for crate loads, and I assume they could be used for more general calculations as well...I like one called Easy Cargo ( I'd greatly appreciate other suggestions.

    Many thanks,
    J'Laine Newcombe

    Chief Registrar
    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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    Hi J' Laine,
    Did someone contact you off thread on this already?
    If not you might want to post your inquiry on the PACCIN list. Many preps are so busy that they don't often check the forum. The list sends messages directly into the inboxes of a couple of thousand working preps and tech and as a result you will be more likely to get a timely response. Good luck!
    Oh yeah, you can go to the top of the articles page and click on ListServ or just click HERE to sign on.
    T. Ashley McGrew
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