As museums begin to reopen could anyone share their procedures and guidelines, or thoughts on the subject of what to do if a team member comes back with a positive Covid 19 test during an installation or deinstallation?
We are still working through this at my museum and some of the things to be considered are:

  • Will galleries have to be closed if someone sick?
  • What to do if artwork in “staged process” during breakout?
  • Will scheduled openings etc be “subject to change”? going forward

1 idea is isolating teams of installers to different locations of installation so if one outbreak were to occur it may not affect the other team:

  • How will we isolate when only have 2 registrars? 1 curator & designer? & less art handlers due to budget? Would we also need dedicated security?

  • If in shifts SHOULD we keep working? What if 2nd shift has breakout?

Thank you all for any feedback, ideas, or suggestions as we work through this challenging time together.
I hope everyone and their families and friends are staying healthy and safe.