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Thread: Museum wayfinding in the COVID World

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    Museum wayfinding in the COVID World

    Greetings fellow Preparators.

    With the reopening of your facility, what type of wayfinding signage have you adapted to address gallery flow patterns, distancing and to kindly reinforce mask wearing and hand sanitizing? There are many examples of what is being used in commercial/retail situations but how have you tweaked these protocols to be more museum-centric?

    Are you using floor decals to indicate gallery direction, lollipop signs, signage on walls, digital interface via cell phones.... all of these? How will you monitor gallery capacities? Our University has provided protocol signage and I'm drawn to use these as to have a unified message seen throughout campus. The way-finding is the stickler. We currently do not have a graphic designer on staff to ponder this so the task has defaulted to me! I'm a pretty good Preparator and Mountmaker but graphic designer is a hat that doesn't quite fit so well! I understand what you use might not be applicable to our situation. Successes....failures??... Let's hear them and brainstorm together!


    Dan Radven
    Exhibit Preparator
    Tweed Museum of Art
    University of Minnesota- Duluth
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