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Thread: Full-Time Preparator - Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento, CA

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    Full-Time Preparator - Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento, CA

    Hi PACCIN Community,

    Our full-time preparator's wife got her dream job out of state and we're losing our dear Jason. Not only did he install side-by-side with the temp-crew, he built furniture and welded up mounts. We're looking for someone to fill the builder/installer roll. T
    here's a fair amount of autonomy in making projects your own and further developing the workshops. In the past 3-4 years we've put some quality attention to the building area, with room to grow.

    In the next few years we hope to move into a very large offsite storage facility which will be fun to grow into (actively fundraising for it now, possibly up to 50k s/f). There's a lot of unique and special growth happening in that project and in the next few years. Before the pandemic we were heading towards a sculpture park across the street. That's tabled, but will come to fruition eventually.

    We're nerds about doing this work and looking for another to join us. Is that you, please apply.


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