As a Museum Technician, the incumbent would perform the following duties:

  • The incumbent makes arrangements for and coordinates the operations involving packing, transportation, and special handling of art objects on loan to or from the museum. This includes the responsibility for the safe professional handling of works on loan from major museums and private collectors as they enter the museum.
  • Initiates and maintains contact with lenders and packing firms on incoming and outgoing loan requests. Lenders range from individuals who have no expertise in art handling or packing to major art museums (domestic or foreign) who pack their own works and charge the museum.
  • Designs special crates and interior packing for art objects and provides specifications to the contractor providing the crates for packing.
  • Initiates and maintains contact with lenders and shipping companies for incoming and outgoing loan requests. These activities must be coordinated with other SAAM activities and availability of loading docks and delivery logistics if necessary.
  • Ensures completion of appropriate written documentation related to the shipping-packing function. These include correspondence with professional packers, shippers, galleries and museums.

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