First time caller, long time listener here seeking recommendations about equipment or techniques proven to be useful for safe, in-house moves of heavy, awkward exhibit cases of various ages and construction.

Currently we what we use, depending on the case configuration, weight etc., is either a genie lift GL-12 or specially outfitted a pallet jack to lift, roll and gently let down the cases- gentle and smooth are key requirements. The genie lift can do lots for us but the 350lb capacity and fork length are not sufficient for several of our cases and some have no clearance for any kind of lifting

My biggest most pressing conundrum involves two new acquisitions going on exhibit, these are dioramas approx. 3ft. cubed, they are on really heavy steel bases that sit flush on the floor which is the first problem - how to make the initial lift. The floors are varied too- carpeted as well as smooth terrazzo. We don't have body builders on staff and can't always afford to rent services for small moves but I want to do the best I can to ensure that we have options and move them in the future if needed. I've only gotten so far as suggesting we place them on slightly elevating feet to achieve enough clearance to get a strap or something under them for initial lift.

Sliding ships cases is problematic due vibration and sensitive rigging or weak model parts. Sliding can also contort some stands depending on material, age, construction. And slip slides we tried but they get compressed beyond usefulness.

Again, we have so many different sizes, shapes, weights, base structures involved that I know there is not a single solution. But perhaps you have a hot tip or have overcome this challenge in some innovative form or fashion yourselves?

Thank you for your time.