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Thread: Favorites for Mountmaking resources

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    Favorites for Mountmaking resources

    Following a discussion on the Mountmaking Forum about sharing resources in the form of favorites, Chief Preparator and experienced mountmaker Jamie Hascall had the idea of pooling favorites and got the ball rolling.....and then allowed me to include you as well.
    Please feel free to use comments to add your own "favorite" resources to the mix.

    Jamie Hascall
    Chief Preparator
    Museums of New Mexico
    Santa Fe

    Well known mountmaker Philip Brutz from the CMA also pitched in an impressive collection of links including publications of note.,478.html

    Favorite books:

    Philip Brutz
    Cleveland Museum of Art
    11150 E. Blvd.
    Cleveland OH 44106
    T. Ashley McGrew
    PACCIN Advisory Committee member

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    Great ressources, thanks. Though, I'm in Montreal and would like to get supplies a little more locally, if possible. I mostly have a hard time finding metal rods of a specific gage (5/32), (not to talk about hollow rods or tiny flat bars!) Would anyone be aware of a supplier in Eastern Canada?
    Thank you so much!

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