Preparation, Art handling, and Collections Care Information Network
PACCIN Chair Update by all of PACCIN Brent Powell / May 18, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to first direct you the addition of the extra “C” to our name! We have changed the title of our group by one letter, but the change reflects in a much larger way, the roles and responsibilities of the professionals represented within our membership and the new directions and the outreach we have undertaken over the last two years.

The scope of PACCIN continues to grow, and while still inclusive of our colleagues whose primary interest is in packing and crating – the focus of our professional beginnings – the knowledge and skills we talk about do not exist in isolation. Intrinsically related within the Museum field, the technical trades of installation, mountmaking, exhibit case design, rigging, storage and other aspects of “collections care” often overlap both in terms of their ultimate goals and also in the individuals who are called upon to know about them. Increasingly we have also been able to welcome the participation of colleagues in the fields of Registration and Conservation in the process of networking and sharing in “collections care” discussions and information as they have become PACCIN members.

You can discover more about our band of professionals by logging onto our website at (soon to be and signing up on the PACCIN Forum or the PACCIN listserve.

We are announcing the new name change at the AAM Annual Meeting in Houston today, Sunday May 22 - Wednesday May 25th. We will share the responses we received there in the next few weeks.

If you have any comments please respond back to us. If you you like to volunteer and join in, then jump on the bus and keep this momentum rolling. We need help with all aspects of the website/publications, programs and membership. If you like the content we produce then become a part of producing the actual content!

Best Regards,
Brent Powell