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Thread: crates for international shipment

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    crates for international shipment

    I have a job where I need to make 4 crates that are being shipped to China.
    I can purchase materials(wood) locally that have the necessary bug stamp. I was wondering once I have
    fabricated the crates, will I be able to use a clear polyurethane to protect the crates form moisture?

    Thanks for your advice,


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    You may want to post this to the listserv ( to get a faster response. J

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    Thanks - I'll do that!

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    Yes you can use a protective coating on your crates. I personally use Minwax Polycrylic clear satin water based protective finish; 3 coats worth. I also only use man made wood products, usually plywood and stencil the crates 100 % Plywood.


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    Thanks for the advice!

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