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Thread: Google Art Project in your museum

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    Google Art Project in your museum

    See this blog post for a nice comment on having one of your objects photographed in the gigapixel range:

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    The detail is stunning! Thanks for posting.
    Paul Brewin - PACCIN Site Administrator

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    Nice post - Glass Gigapixel Thanks for posting.

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    This is a great project by Google

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    Google art project is an online platform at amazingly high resolution.

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    Great project! May it be more such projects.

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    Lovely and really important project. Thank you for sharing this information.
    To want to, is to be able to.

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    Great entry, just something I was looking for. Thanks for the help !

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    Very interesting project. But you do not know how to participate in it? I would like to join art, as well as just interested in taking part in such a cool project

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