• PACCIN Preparators Conference 2017 Videos

    After following up with participants of PACCIN's 4th Preparators Conference held on April 7th and 8th at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, we are happy to share the six most requested presentations of our two day conference - enjoy!

    Click Here for bios of these and other 2017 speakers.

    Measuring Environmental, Shock, and Vibration performance of crates, by Vincent Beltran, Assistant Scientist, Getty Conservation Institute, and Rita Gomez, Senior Lead Preparator, J. Paul Getty Museum:

    Designing/using a wiki, a ticketing system, and project management software to track exhibition maintenance tasks in a hundred year old building, by Alexi Chisler, Supervisor, Exhibits and Technical, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles:

    Building diversity and inclusion in prep crews, by Julia Latané, The Broad:

    Successes and failures in 3D scanning and fabrication for mounts, by BJ Farrar, Senior Mountmaker, J. Paul Getty Museum:

    Breaking ! = ? Bad: How to respond, address, and assimilate unintentional loss by human error, by Sean Harrison, Exhibit Technician, Bullock Texas State History Museum:

    Moving Artwork into Venice, Italy: What you should know before shipping to Venice, by Antonio Addari, Managing Director, Arteria Srl: