• Dartek®

    Updated 6/17/10 PAB: MMSS 01-29-10 v0

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    A Dupont product cast nylon film with ‘saran-wrap’-like feel and clarity. Softer and more pliable than Mylar or glassine, and tear-resistant, with good release properties. Maintains characteristics across a wide temperature range. Capable of absorbing up to 10% or its weight in moisture. C-917 type has no plasticizers, additives or surface coatings. More expensive than glassine, which it typically replaces in packing applications.

    Rolls 10” to 88” wide. Available in gauges from .0075" (.19 mil) to .075” (1.9 mil).


    Dartek® is a replacement for glassine when wrapping paintings that are susceptible to tackiness and abrasion. Works best as an object wrap in situations where moisture and heat can be avoided as it can stick to objects under certain conditions. Adheres with hot melt or double sided tape to other surfaces, or to itself or other plastics using a heated spatula or tacking iron. It is water clear instead of slightly milky like LDPE. It can make a good storage dust cover where light sensitivity is not an issue.

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