• Poly Sheeting - Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

    Updated 6/17/10 PAB: MMSS 02-08-10 v0

    Alternate names

    Chemically inert, pH neutral, and water repellent, especially if seams are sealed. It is non-abrasive if clean. Some manufacturers use talc or other release agents which create a residue or oily film. Especially true of material with recycled content. "Virgin" grade is non-recycled, "UDSA" grade has been determined safe for storing food. Less expensive than Marvelseal® but less effective as a barrier to gaseous pollutants.

    Rolls in a wide variety of widths and lengths; 3 or 4 mil thickness typically used, up to 6 mil for heavy objects or those exposed to more stress. Also available in various widths of tubing.


    Commonly used to wrap paintings for softpacking and to wrap inner boxes and travel frames to create a sub-environment within crates. Virgin grade preferable especially when an additional barrier layer (glassine, Dartek® etc.) is not used. Also used as a moisture barrier lining for crates, and as protective sheeting in storage.

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