• Site Tutorial 3: Subscribing to Forum Topics and Threads

    This tutorial will offer tips on how to subscribe to forum topics and threads. This is a useful feature which helps keep you up to date with new discussion activity, especially for discussions that you start or are actively involved with.

    Subscribing to a forum topic
    There are two ways to receive notification when there is activity in any of the threads within a particular forum topic. Note: because there is potential for a large volume of activity on any message board, the software does not allow for instant notification of forum topics, which could trigger spam warnings to your internet service provider.

    1. At the Forum home page (to reach this page simply click the purple "Forum" tab) click on a small green check marks of your desired topic.

    2. Click on a Forum topic to view a list of discussion threads within that topic. Click on "Forum Tools" tab and you will see an option to subscribe to the topic.

    Subscribing to a thread
    To receive notification of activity within a thread follow one of these steps.

    1. At the Forum home page, select a topic. Within that topic you will see a list of threads; select a thread by clicking on its title. Now, click the "Forum Tools" link to see the subscription option.

    2. When you reply to a thread you have the option to subscribe (if you only wish to add comments to the discussion, simply enter text in the "Quick Reply" box and click "Submit Reply"). Within the thread, click "Reply to Thread", select "Go Advanced", and scroll down to select your subscription preference within the "Additional Options" box. After composing your reply, to complete the process you will also have to click "Submit Reply".

    3. When you post a new thread, scroll down to Subscription Options and select your subscription preference. When you are viewing the list of threads within a forum topic, click "Post New Thread" to start a discussion. After composing your post, you will also need to click "Submit New Thread".

    For all of the methods listed, select from the drop down menu how you will receive notifications, either via instant, daily or weekly emails (this depends on whether it's a topic or thread subscription) to the address used when you registered, or through your "control panel" (you are notified of discussion activity while you are logged on at the website).

    To view which threads you are subscribed to, click on "Settings" at the top right of the page, and find the word "Subscriptions" in the left column of options. Another tutorial will focus on some of the options available for you in your Settings area.

    If you have more questions about subscribing, send an email here or visit this forum topic and post your question.